Why a Wedding Planner?


Why should you hire a wedding planner?  Holly Lafferty gives us some ideas:

  • Organization!  Wedding planners are pros at it – that’s why they do what they do.  Your planner will keep everything in order when it comes to planning appointments and signing contracts.
  • Money, money, money…some brides may lament the expense of a wedding planner, but hiring a planner an actually help you save in some areas.  Most wedding planners have been in the business long enough to know where to find the good deals and how to finagle special pricing with certain vendors.
  • Her connections can benefit you in ways other than saving money.  Your wedding planner knows who is a delight to work with and who you should steer clear of when hiring your vendors.  She can save you a lot of stress by recommending vendors you can trust. 
  • A wedding planner will keep the peace for you.  When you have conflict with your future mother-in-law, your groom, or anyone else who dares get in your way, your wedding planner can step in and help soothe hurt feelings.  Having an objective outsider will calm everyone’s nerves.
  • She has a practiced eye for design.  Your wedding planner has seen many, many weddings, and she knows what will look good and – perhaps more important – what won’t.
  • Her attention to detail will save you a lot of headaches.  On your big day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whe3ther every groomsman picked up his tux.  Your wedding planner will ensure that everyone knows the “who/what/when/where/why” of the big day (and every day before that, as well).
  • She will be your cheerleader.  Everyone will being “oohing” and “aahing” over you on your big day, but your wedding planner will remind you why you’re so awesome during the days that you’re stressed, exhausted, and wondering why you agreed to marry your fiancé in the first place!

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